Yunnan Weather and Climate

Yunnan Weather and Climate

Weather Information of Destination in Yunnan

You can travel to Yunnan all year round. But the best times to discover Yunnan are spring (March, April and May) and autumn (October and early November) when the temperatures are mild. The summers are pleasant and the temperatures remain moderate but the monsoons impose a period of rain between July and the beginning of September without this posing any problems for the cultural circuits.


The best times to travel to Yunnan

Below is more precise weather information for each main destination in Yunnan, from Jinghong in South Yunnan to Shangri-La in the North of the province.

Kunming, the city of eternal spring deserves its nickname. The weather is good all year round with temperate winters without a period of extreme cold and summers that are never too hot. Beyond the fact that the city is the starting point for most tours, Kunming is a city that can be visited throughout the year. More information about the Kunming weather.

Due to the mild climate, Dali is a region that can be visited all year round. Rarely very cold in winter, summers are cool where the thermometer rarely exceeds 30 degrees. More information on Dali weather.

Shangri-La is a cold region in winter between December and March. From spring, temperatures rise to 10 degrees during the day and fall below zero at night. Bringing warm clothes is therefore essential. More information on Shangri-La weather.

Lijiang: Winters in Lijiang are sometimes cold, never wet, but winter days are still pleasant (average of 15/20 degrees). The summers are relatively hot (sometimes 30 degrees during the day) and the temperatures remain pleasant for the visit of the region. More information on the Lijiang weather.

Dongchuan (Luoxiagou): The best time to enjoy the colors of the red earth is in May, then from September to November. The cold and foggy weather between December and January makes the landscapes less impressive.

Yuanyang: The best season to visit the rice fields of Yuanyang is spring (between mid-February and April). The period during which the rice terraces of Yuanyang are waterlogged for the cultivation of rice where they form thousands of mirrors that reflect the light of the sky. More information on Yuanyang weather.

The Xishuangbanna region being located in the southernmost part of Yunnan, its tropical climate is similar to that of Vietnam and Laos which border it. Winters offer mild, dry weather that contrasts with the northern part of Yunnan. Summers, on the other hand, benefit from high heat and high humidity. Spring is also a great season to admire the lush vegetation of this part of China. More information on the weather in Xishuangbanna.

To follow the Yunnan weather forecast daily, you can find the Yunnan 10-day weather forecast.

If your stay combines other Chinese regions or provinces, you can also consult our website dedicated to China: Ciel Chine.

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