Gyantse is a county of Shigatse, which means “top of the victory fortress” in Tibetan. When the British army invaded this place in 1904, the soldiers and civilians of the place carried out heroic resistance, so it got the historical title of “Heroic City”. This ancient county with a history of more than one thousand years has many cultural treasures and has become an emerging tourist destination.

Gyantse Old Castle

Located on the Zong Mountain and with an altitude of 4020 m, the Gyantse Old Castle is a famous landmark in Gyantse County.

Different from other scenic spots famous for Tibetan Buddhism, Gyantse Old Castle is famous for its patriotic story. In 1904, the British army invaded Gyangtse but encountered fierce opposition from the strong and brave Gyangtse soldiers and civilians. They defended their city from the fortress on Zong Mountain, using primitive guns and cannons, swords, and even bows and arrows to fight against their invaders. Eventually because of running out of ammunition without any assistance from the Qing government, and all the brave Anti-British heroes sacrificed vigorously and wrote a glorious and tragic chapter.

From Gyantse to Yamdrok Lake, travelers will pass by Karola Glacier. The Karola Glacier with an elevation of about 5500 m is one of the three major continental glaciers in Tibet.

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