Potatso National Park

Potatso National Park, at an altitude of 3500 m to 4159 m, is 22 kilometers away from Shangri-La City, with a total area of about 1313 square kilometers.

It consists of two parts: Bitahai Nature Reserve and the Shuduhu Scenic Area. Travelers should follow the prescribed route to visit the park. Inside it, the “green bus” set up by the local government for the protection of the park can roughly see the views follow the bus. Besides, you can borrow a wooden path through the forest to stroll around Shuduhu Lake (3 km) or Bitahai Lake (4.5 km) and put yourself in the beauty. After a short hike, you can return to the bus station along the wooden path.

Every year from May to July is the azalea blooming season while the most beautiful time of the park; autumn (October and November) is also attractive because of the unique colors of the fir and cypress forest.

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