An-Ciel-Yunnan-1-150x1502 days | Kunming, Dongchuan

Tour Highlights:

Dongchuan Red Land is both the creation of nature and human beings. It refers to red arable land with a radius of nearly one hundred miles around Huashitou village in Dongchuan District, 220 kilometers north of Kunming. The land here, because there is more iron in the soil, is slowly deposited by oxidation to form a dazzling red. After countless years of hard work, the locals planted green crops on red land, and these crops produced colorful flowers and golden fruits, plus pure blue sky and changing clouds to constitute the spectacular natural and human landscape of the Red Land. Luoxiagou, Jinxiuyuan, Luoshitian, and Damakan are the best places to enjoy the “land painting” by the photographer.

DAY 1: KUNMING – DONGCHUAN      2400 m alt.

  • Drive to Dongchuan(170 km/4hrs).
  • On the way, a short visit to the Bamboo Temple. It was built in the 7th century and rebuilt in Qing Dynasty. In addition to its long history, the Bamboo Temple is more famous for its 500 clay statues (Arhat).
  • Arrive in Dongchuan, watch the splendid view of the red land at Luoxiagou.
DAY 2:  DONGCHUAN –  KUNMING      1900 m alt.

  • See the splendid sunrise over the red lands in Damakan.
  • Visit several well-known viewpoints: Qicaipo, Jinxiuyuan, Yuepuao, etc.
  • Stroll in the red land at leisure.
  • Explore the largest market in Kunming: Zhuanxin Market. There are numerous kinds of Yunnan specialties selling there, and it’s the best opportunity to experience the lifestyle of locals.
  • Optional tour: Enjoy the wonderful show “Dynamic Yunnan”. This is a performance of a very high artistic quality, created by Yunnan artist Yangliping. It presents the various ethnic minority lives in Yunnan with songs and dances (20:00 to 21:30).
The rates below are indicative, and they may vary slightly depending on the season or hotel availability.
Price per person based on With driver With driver + An English-speaking guide
2 persons 238 $ 349 $
4 persons 173 $ 281 $
6 persons 150 $ 251 $

Price includes

  • The hotels are mentioned in the itinerary (includes breakfast).
  • Transfers by private vehicle with a driver during the whole journey. For the group without a guide, if necessary, the driver will also act as a guide. 
  • Accompaniment by an English-speaking guides from the 1st day (if this option has been chosen).
  • For the group without a guide, a smartphone will be given on your arrival. You will always be in contact with our 24-hour service. We are going to offer you restaurants with their locations, you can also try cashless payment anywhere in China (we are using less and less cash in China for payment).
  • Accommodation and meals for your guides and drivers.
  • One bottle of mineral water per day per person.

The price does not include

  • International and domestic flights.
  • Lunches and dinners.
  • Entrance tickets for tours and activities, to be paid for directly on site. 50% reductions sometimes for travelers over 60, free possible for those over 70.
  • Tips for guides and drivers (It is recommended 160 RMB / day in total for the driver guide).
  • Accident, repatriation, and health insurance.
  • The visa fees.

Warm Tips:

  • You can also check out our organized small group tours here
  • To facilitate your stay, we suggest that you change your quotes on arrival and departure at the current exchange rate. The formalities to be completed in Chinese banks are particularly tedious

Recommended hotels

For each city, we have recommended two or three hotels for you to choose from below. The first hotel listed has been pre-selected by Ciel Yunnan.

Dongchuan Color Cloud Porch Inn Kaiquan Hotel Wangtong International Garden Hotel
Supplement / Person               / 10 $ 20 $

If you have more days for your trip, it’s possible to add/choose the extensions/excursions associated with this trip.

  • Shilin Stone Forest Park (+1 day): 120 km east of Kunming, Stone Forest Park is a truly natural museum that is part of the largest expanse of karst formation in Southern China. It brings together a set of immense pillars of gray limestone shaped by millions of years of erosion. This strange place of peaks and rocks covers 26,000 hectares, and only 80 hectares are open to tourists.
  • Puzhehei, also known as “Little Guilin” (+ 1 day) This region is home to magnificent limestone landscapes. Have a pleasant boat trip to discover lakes, caves, karst peaks, visit the ethnic minority settlements and enjoy the unspoiled ecological environment after arriving in Puzhehei.

When to go?

Dongchuan is an ideal spot off the beaten track and still little frequented by tourists in Yunnan where can be combined perfectly as an extension on most of our tours.

The best times to visit the red lands of Dongchuan are between April and May, then July to November. The summers (July and August) are pleasant because the temperatures remain moderate but get the rain. It is much cold between December and January, and the landscapes are so monotonous.

Further information:

– A warm jacket is essential. It is cold in the evening in the Dongchuan area even in summer, and the temperature drops fast when night falls.

– In Dongchuan, the family hotels or guesthouses with limited conditions provide the accommodation, but the staff is always hospitable and friendly.

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