Mengzi, a prefecture-level city, is located in the southeast of Yunnan and the capital of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture.

Maybe people are more familiar with the former French name Mongtseu because it was once the colonial trading port of France in the late Qing dynasty. During this period, many “NO.1″of Yunnan appeared here, such as the first customs, the first telegraph office, the first consulate, etc.

ABC’s of Mengzi

Mengzi was one of the 24 ancient counties and played a very important role in the ancient and modern history of Yunnan.

109 B.C, Mengzi was called Bengu, one of the 24 counties under the jurisdiction of Yizhou County. In 1276 A.D., it was renamed as Mengzi and kept the name till now.

After the Sino-French War (1883 – 1885), Guangxu Emperor (Qing Dynasty) appointed Longzhou in Guangxi Province and Mengzi in Yunnan Province as two main trade ports with the foreign business. So during the Late Qing and the Early Republic, Mengzi was the largest port of foreign trade in Yunnan Province for more than 80% of Yunnan’s import and export materials were transported through Mengzi.

In 1886, a French convention chose Mengzi to be the center of trade in Yunnan province for importing and exporting goods via Tongking in Vietnam.


Located 10 kilometers north of Mengzi City, Bisezhai Railway Station prospered with the opening of the Dian-Vietnam Railway and became the largest station in southern Yunnan.

At present, the Bisezhai Area has still kept the same layout as that in 1910. More than 30 historical sites, which were a mixture of typical French buildings and local stone-make architectures, in the unique dwelling style make Bisezhai one of the worthy places to visit.

Renowned local specialties: Cross bridge rice noodles

The typical gastronomy of the Honghe region including the rice noodles, the Phô rolled with vegetables and meat.

Temperatures and precipitation of Mengzi


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