Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge, famous for its magnificence and danger, is located 60 km north of Lijiang. It is the deepest canyon in China, with a 16-kilometer, and was created through constant erosion by the rushing Jinsha River which is between the Jade Dragon Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain.

A legend like that the tiger with the help of the giant stone in the river could cross over the canyon, so it was called “Tiger Leaping Gorge” and the reef in the river was called “Tiger Leaping Stone.”

Hiking is the best way to appreciate the scenery of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, but it depends on the physical condition and must be fully prepared and accompanied by a professional guide because there are some risks of outdoor travel and it is difficult to predict such as thunderstorm, landslide or lost.

Ciel Yunnan info:

At the Hutiaoshi viewpoint, you will descend via a landscaped path to the rapids of the Yangtze River (descend 20 minutes, then allow 30 minutes for the return as there are many steps). The roar and the power of the river will leave you with indelible memories. Your driver will wait for your return to the car park.

The Ciel Yunnan offer: A hike in the Tiger Leaping Gorge

The Tiger Leaping Gorge trek is a hike that is generally done over 2 days with one night in the middle of the gorges on the high trail. It is a spectacular road trip where you will walk along cliffs that are among the largest gorges in the world.

It is possible to add a day of trekking (low trail) from the Tina guesthouse to the Walnut Grove woody’s guesthouse along the Yangtse River (3:30 p.m-4 p.m.). No trek in the rainy season because the risk of landslides is real.

Be careful not to force yourself before you start as the path can be dangerous (even more in the event of rain) and some passages are dizzying, narrow, or slippery.

We suggest you start your journey from the Naxi Family Guesthouse. Weight will be your enemy during the hike, so leave everything that is not essential to your driver and the luggage room below.

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