Naxi Villages

Tourists can learn more about their culture by visiting the authentic Naxi villages.

The Yuhu Village

Yuhu Village is a peaceful Naxi village on the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, about 18 kilometers north of Lijiang Old Town. Stone or wooden houses, retaining the traditional style of Naxi architecture in Yuhu Village.

The earliest inhabitant of the village was deer-keepers of the Mu Family (the governors of local Naxi people in ancient times). From 1922 to 1949, the Austrian American botanist and explorer, Mr. Rock, chose Yuhu village as his living spot and started his study of Naxi culture. The former residence of Rock was restored into a museum nowadays, which exhibited many historical data pictures taken by him and some used tableware.

Tourists can take a stroll or a horse ride around Yuhu Village and Yuhu Lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Baisha Village

Baisha village is about 8 km to the north of Lijiang Old Town and used to be the birthplace of the Mu Family. This quaint and quiet village is famous for its exquisite murals. The drawing on the murals lasted for more than 300 years from the early Ming to early Qing dynasty. The murals most are religious subjects, but what made it special is to draw the contents of different denominations together. Visitors could ride a bike to Baisha through local villages and fields on sunny days.

The Shuhe Village

The Shuhe Ancient Town, hidden in the forest, is 5 kilometers to the northwest of the Lijiang Old Town. As an important part of the world cultural heritage of the ancient city of Lijiang, it is both a well-preserved important market town on the ancient Tea and Horse Road and a living specimen of the Naxi ancestors’ transition from farming civilization to commercial civilization.

It is very similar to the ancient town of Dayan, stone bridges, alleys, and streams are everywhere. Walking along the Qinglong Bridge and Dragon Pool, you would avoid the commercial areas and crowds. Or you can climb the mountain near the village (15 minutes) to see a beautiful panorama of Shuhe and Lijiang.

Other Lijiang’s Attractions

What to Do in Lijiang?

Impressing Lijiang

Put together by the great director Zhang Yi Mou, most renowned for his work on the Beijing Olympics’ Opening Ceremony, this outdoor theater happens to be set over sea level by about 3300 meters. The Jade Dragon Mountain is used as a backdrop for it. This cultural show utilizes more than 500 actors and performers of different ethnic minorities, each of which articulates a narrative that celebrates the unique traditions of all 11 ethnic minorities residing in Lijiang.

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