Lijiang Weather

Lijiang Weather

Best Time to Visit Lijiang

The weather in Lijiang is mild most of the time, which makes it a place suitable for visiting all year round. There are distinct dry and rainy seasons in Lijiang. The rainy season is from June to September, so the best time to visit Lijiang is from March to May and September to October, with warm and beautiful weather as well as charming scenery.

Temperatures and precipitation of Lijiang

Temperatures and precipitation of Lijiang

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Things to Do in Lijiang by Season

Spring (February ~ May)

The weather in Lijiang in Spring is very pleasant, it hardly rains, and the sky is blue and clear. But the temperatures differ greatly between day and night, the minimum temperature at night is only about four degrees, so don’t forget to take warm clothes for the cold nights.

  • The Black Dragon Pool

You can overlook the snow-covered Jade Snow Mountain from the Black Dragon Pool, and take some nice pictures of the reflection of the Jade Snow Mountain on the pool.

  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Hiking

You can avoid the hustle and bustle of the popular sights and discover off the beaten track of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Along the way, you will go through the bushes, across the “Milk River”. The scenery is magnificent.

Summer (May ~ August)

Lijiang has a clear annual distinction between the wet and dry seasons. From June to August is the rainy season of Lijiang. It’s usually showers, which won’t last all day long. Temperatures range from 11℃ to 24℃. The temperature drops sharply when it rains, so don’t forget to pack warm clothes.

  • Horse-riding around the Lashihai Lake

Lashihai Lake is 10 km from Lijiang Old Town and located on the southern slope of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Riding horses on the Ancient Tea and Horse Road is a must-try activity experience the local culture.

Autumn (September ~ Middle November)

Autumn in Lijiang is crisp and clear. The rainy season comes to an end in late September, and the temperatures ranges from 4°C (39°F) to 21°C (70°F).

  • Blue Moon Valley

The Blue Moon Valley has a nickname called ‘Little Jiuzhaigou Valley’, It looks like a sapphire on the plateau. The vegetation around the Blue Moon Valley takes on colorful hues in autumn.

Winter (Middle November ~ January)

Despite the high elevation, the southerly latitude makes for a warmer Winter in Lijiang. The daily high temperature reaches 17℃ (63°F), while it drops to about 0℃ (32°F). Winter is the low travel season in Lijiang with a better price.

  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

You can take a cable car up the mountain to enjoy the snow scenery, you can have a great view of the snowcapped mountains. The mountains are capped with thick snow in Winter, it’s the best period to visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Weather and Climate of other regions of Yunnan

Find out more about the weather, and the best times to travel to other main Yunnan destinations below.

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