Lijiang Hotels

Lijiang Hotels

Hotels in Lijiang and Its Surroundings 

Lijiang is a famous tourist destination in China, and there are many accommodations in the heart of the Lijiang Old Town and its surrounding villages, such as Shuhe and Yuhu. Our selection of below hotels offers the best available in Lijiang and the region. They certainly have been approved and tested by our travelers by their unanimous satisfaction feedback.

Hotels in Lijiang Old Town:

Lijiang Old Town is Yunnan’s most famous area because of its well-preserved centuries-old architecture. A victim of its reputation, the city has become more and more frequented by Chinese tourists. We, therefore, do not suggest that you stay there. But if you want to stay there for a night to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, we suggest the InterContinental Ancient Town Resort. This is the most luxurious hotel in Lijiang and ideally located in the city center. The rooms are very large and equipped with bathrooms that are spacious and pleasant. The establishment is nicely decorated and offers a full range of services.

Hotels in Shuhe village:

Shuhe Village is 7 km from Lijiang Old Town. It has the advantage of being much less touristy and much quieter.

We believe the E-outfitting Boutique Hotel is the best value in Shuhe. This is a real boutique hotel full of charm with beautiful, large rooms and a lovely, well-kept garden. It is set a little back in a very quiet location 15 minutes’ walk from the center of the old town of Shuhe.

We also particularly recommend The Bivou. Located right in the heart of Shuhe Old Town, but away from the hustle and bustle of the center and nestled in a lush vegetable garden. A good mixture of modern architecture and Naxi in this renovated old farmhouse. The comfortable rooms make it to be our favorite and number 1 choice in the Shuhe region.

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