Kunming Golden Temple

Kunming Golden Temple, located on the Mingfeng Mountain full of green pines and cypresses, is a Taoist temple.

According to the literature, two bronze temples have been built on this mountain. The first one was founded in 1602 during the Ming dynasty and moved to Jizu Mountain in 1637, which is a sacred spot around Dali. The second temple was built by Wu Sangui, the famous local king, in 1671 of the Qing dynasty and it is well preserved up to now.

The so-called Golden Temple is made of bronze and was named for the glittering gold when the temple was completed. As the heaviest metal structure (250 tons of copper) in China, the Golden Temple is a national treasure for its superb casting technology.

In an internal courtyard next to it, other well-known bronze palaces in China have been modeled and displayed here.

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