Kunming City Museum

For cultural admirers, visiting different museums is a great way to explore and improve your knowledge of Kunming.

• Yunnan Provincial Museum

Yunnan Provincial Museum(云南省博物馆), which is listed in the first batch of national first-class museums, is the largest comprehensive museum with 3000 square meters in Yunnan. Since its establishment in 1951, Yunnan Provincial Museum takes responsibility for protecting and inheriting excellent historical culture and has completed the work of collection, research, display, and service of cultural relics. As the important cultural center and window of Yunnan Province, it has attracted thousands of tourists to understand the history of Yunnan and appreciate the culture in Yunnan. The bronze collection in the ancient Dian period in the museum can be described as a boutique and occupies an important position not only in the history of Yunnan but also in the Bronze History of the world.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00~16:30 (closed on Monday)

• Yunnan Nationalities Museum

Yunnan Nationalities Museum(云南省民族博物馆) is the most concentrated collection and exhibition place for the history and culture of various ethnic minorities in Yunnan and also currently the largest ethnic museum in China. The museum has 16 exhibition halls with 6,000 square meters. It reflects the spiritual features of the Yunnan ethnic minorities from different aspects such as social status, costume and festivals, civil art, and ancient books.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00~17:00 (closed on Monday)

• Kunming Municipal Museum

Kunming Municipal Museum(昆明市博物馆) is the Regional Comprehensive Museum with 20000 square meters. It gathers many bronze funerary items of the Dian Kingdom and holds exhibitions (clothing, embroidery, weaving, and dyeing) for all ethnic groups in Yunnan. The treasure of this museum is the sculpted stone pillar of 288 moderately sized and delicate Buddhist figures dating back to the Dali kingdom. Besides, Porcelains, old photos, the exposing hall with skeletons of the dinosaur, and Flying Tigers Memorial Hall would spend visitors for some minutes.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00~17:00 (closed on Monday)

Other Kunming’s Attractions

Tours Ideas in Kunming

Red Land Luoxiagou Dongchuan

Dongchuan Red Land

2 days | Dongchuan
The Dongchuan rad land is praised as “God’s palette”, which appeals and inspires photographers so much.


Luoping, Canola Flower Ocean

3 days | Kunming, Luoping, and Puzhehei
Luoping is famous for its karst landscape and the spectacular Canola flower ocean.

Rice Terraces Yuanyang

Sky Mirror: Yuanyang Rice Terraces Tour

4 days | Kunming, Shilin, Jianshui and Yuanyang
A short trip including the most beautiful and majestic rice terraces of China and lively ethnic markets.