Green Lake Park

The Green Lake Park, described as a “Jade of Kunming”, is located in the heart of Kunming city and was founded in the 17th century under the Qing dynasty.

The long dikes, pavilions, kiosks, cloisters, these traditional Chinese ancient buildings plus green trees and red flowers to form the beauty of the Green Lake. Morning exercises and evening walks; appreciating lotuses in summer and feeding seagulls in winter are the best leisurely ways for the locals to visit this park.

Other Kunming’s Attractions

Tours Ideas in Kunming

Red Land Luoxiagou Dongchuan

Dongchuan Red Land

2 days | Dongchuan
The Dongchuan rad land is praised as “God’s palette”, which appeals and inspires photographers so much.


Luoping, Canola Flower Ocean

3 days | Kunming, Luoping, and Puzhehei
Luoping is famous for its karst landscape and the spectacular Canola flower ocean.

Rice Terraces Yuanyang

Sky Mirror: Yuanyang Rice Terraces Tour

4 days | Kunming, Shilin, Jianshui and Yuanyang
A short trip including the most beautiful and majestic rice terraces of China and lively ethnic markets.