Flower and Bird Market

There are many flower and bird markets in Kunming city, but Jingxing Flower and Bird Market is the top popular one in this city and also the epitome of the daily life of locals.

Located at Yongdao Street(甬道街), Jingxing Flower and Bird Market was opened for business in 1983 and there are around 700 stores selling flowers, fish, pet-insects, jewelry ornaments, wood carving works, handicrafts, marble products, local hookah, calligraphy, and paintings, coins from ancient to present, etc. On weekends, there are also flea markets on fixed streets, and many locals come to search for old treasure.

After visiting the Jingxing Flower and Bird Market, you can also stroll to the adjacent Zhengyi Road and Nanping Street. As a famous walking street, the taste of fashion and business is more intense.

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