Kunming Weather

Kunming Weather

Best Time to Visit Kunming

For the pleasant weather all year round, Kunming is praised as Spring City. The mild climate makes Kunming suitable to be visited throughout the whole year. Between March to November is the best period to visit Kunming except for the public holidays (the first week of May and October, and the summer vacation in July and August).

Temperatures and precipitation of Kunming

Kunming Temperatures and precipitation

To follow daily Kunming and Yunnan weather forecasts, you can check the site: yourweather.co.uk

Things to Do in Kunming by Season

Spring (February ~ May)

Spring in Kunming is warm and dry, and the temperature ranges from 5℃ (41 ℉) to 26℃ (79 ℉). Kunming is situated on a plateau, with an average elevation of about 1800 meters. Although it’s warm during the day, it can be cold in the morning and night.

Suggestions for luggage: warm clothes, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

  • Go climbing the Western Hills

It’s a tradition in Kunming to go climbing the Western Hills on Lunar March 3rd. People go with their families and friends to appreciate the beautiful scenery and flowers, sing and dance together. People overlook the Dianchi Lake from Longmen at the top of the mountain, and touch the gate and pray for luck. February and March are the perfect time to appreciate magnolia flowers in the Magnolia Garden.

  • Appreciate the flowers blooming on Yuantong Mountain

There were cherry blossoms planted on the Yuantong Mountain since the 1930. Nowadays, over thousands of cherry blossom trees on Yuantong Mountain. Every March, the cherry blossoms and begonia flowers bloom at the same time. Walking on Yuantong Mountain seems to be in the sea of pink.

  • The canola flowers in Luoping

Luoping canola flowers gradually start to bloom in early February, and the flowering period lasts to early March. The annual Canola Flower Festival taking place during this period. 100,000 Hectares of fields covered rapeseed flowers and form the seas of yellow buds in the Luoping basin. Standing on the Golden Rooster Peak, you can have a magnificent panoramic view of the basin and hills.

Summer (May ~ August)

It’s not very hot in Kunming comparing to most cities of China. The highest temperature is about 26℃ (79 ℉), and the lowest temperature is about 14℃ (57 ℉). Over 60% of rainy days of a year are concentrated in July and August, and the temperature will drop fast when it rains.

Suggestions for luggage: summer clothes, but also light overcoats to fend off the cold in the evening. Sunscreen, umbrella, or raincoat in your backpack, because it may rain suddenly.

  • Attend the Torch Festival at the Stone Forest

The Torch Festival is a grand traditional festival of the Yi minority, and it is also one of the top ten traditional festivals in China. People wearing their costumes and gathering in the Stone Forest and celebrate it on the 24th June of the lunar calendar.

There are lots of activities, such as singing, dancing, horse racing, wrestling, bullfighting, etc. So, it is said to be the Oriental Carnival.

As the night falls, bonfires all around the ground are lit, and people form circles and dance around the bonfires.

Autumn (September ~ Middle November)

Kunming is cool in autumn, with mild temperatures generally between 19℃ (66℉) and 24℃ (75℉). There is less rainfall, and the air is crisp and fresh.

  • A photography tour to the Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land is renowned as the “God’s palette”. Autumn is more featured with shooting the splendid sunset. The land is separated into pieces, the various colors with the blue sky, white clouds and form a superb scenery.

Winter (Middle November ~ January)

Winter in Kunming is much warmer than in north China, the temperatures in winter ranges from 2°C (36 °F) to 19°C (66°F). It’s sunny most of the time, and seldom snows.

Suggestions for luggage: warm clothes

  • Feed the seagulls

The seagulls fly to Kunming from Siberia in late October every year since 1985. The mild weather and warm-hearted citizens attract Siberian seagulls to migrate to Kunming in winter.

There are several seagull-watching spots you should not miss: Haigeng Dam (海埂大坝), Cuihu Park, Daguan Park, and Huanxi Bridge. Especially Haigeng Dam offers a perfect scenic view for watching seagulls.

Weather and Climate of other regions of Yunnan

Find out more about the weather, and the best times to travel to other main Yunnan destinations below.

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