Double Dragon Bridge and Chaoyang Tower

The Double Dragon Bridge and the Chaoyang Tower are the two essential places of your tour in Jianshui.

the Chaoyang Tower

The Chaoyang Tower, with a three-stories and 24 meters high, is the most imposing building in Jianshui County. Constructed in 1379, it is the grandest Ming-style gate extant in Yunnan province. The square in the front, where city residents like to relax in good weather.

the Double Dragon Bridge

The Double Dragon Bridge is located on the Lu River and Tachong River, 3 kilometers west of Jianshui County and named from the two rivers meander like dragons. The bridge is 148 meters long, 3-8 meters wide and inlaid about 500 stones. The first three arches were built during the Qianlong period (1736-1796), later, locals continued to build another 14 arches in 1839, which was connected to the original three-arch-bridge and integrated into a large one. The Double Dragon Bridge is considered to be a masterpiece of ancient bridges in China and occupies an important position in the history of ancient bridges in China.

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