Confucian Temple


Confucian Temple was built in 1325 during the Yuan Dynasty. After more than 50 times of expansion and repair, the area has reached 76,000 square meters and is the largest and most completely preserved in Yunnan Province.

Its existing scale, construction level, and preservation degree are second only to the Confucian Temple in Qufu and Beijing. The overall layout adopts the axisymmetric palace style, which is modeled after the Confucian Temple of Qufu and is a group of large-scale buildings with 1 palace, 2 houses, 2 halls, 2 pavilions, 5 ancestral halls, and 8 archways.

From 2005, traditional celebrations are often held here, such as Chinese brush ceremony, adult etiquette, child ritual, ancient wedding ceremony, sacrifice ceremony and so on, among them, the ceremonies of sacrifice to Confucius are the grandest, and make visitors experience the traditional Confucian culture.

The Confucius Cultural Festival is held on September 26-28 every year. The main activities include worshiping Confucius, cultural performances, Taoist music performances, and ancient costume parades.

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