Li River

The Li River or Li Jiang is the only one from China in a list of the World’s Top 15 Rivers quoted CNN. The 83-kilometer section from Guilin to Yangshuo is the most beautiful part with the protruding hills, clear water, peculiar stones, bizarre caves, and quaint villages.

The essential section of the river is between Yangdi Village and Xingping Town. There are many places of interest between these two locations. Taking the bamboo raft or hiking makes visitors immerse themselves in the picturesque views.

ABC’s of Li River

Best time to visit: Apr. May. June. July. August. Sep. Oct.

  Yangdi – Jiuma Mountain Xingping – Jiuma Mountain – Xingping Mopanshan – Yangshuo
Place of Departure Yangdi wharf Xingping wharf Mopanshan
Opening Time 08h00-10h00
12h30-16h00 07h00-19h00
Raft Ticket 97 RMB/per. 80 RMB/per. Cruise 3*(including lunch): 245 RMB/per.
Cruise 4*(full board: buffet): 360 RMB/per.
Duration of the visit on the Li River 50 mins (one way)
1.5 hrs (round trip)
1 h (round trip) 4-5 hrs

1. A raft is of 4 people maximum. Less than 4 people, either recompose with the others or pay for the absent place, each absent place costs 40 RMB.
2. A child under 1.2 meters and a traveler over 70 cannot take the raft.
3. The child over 1.3 meters must purchase the full ticket.

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