Zhoucheng is known as the “town of tie-dyeing of Bai people”. It is located 23 kilometers north of the Dali Ancient Town and is the largest natural Bai village in Yunnan Province. Tie-dyeing is to use Banlangen(one kind of Chinese herb) as the dyeing raw material. First, the worker printed the designed pattern on the white cloth, and then the women sewed it on the pattern with meticulous handwork; Second, soaked it in clean water and later put it in the dyeing tank many times. Last, to dry and iron the tie-dyeing cloth. The stitches’ parts can’t be dyed, so they naturally become beautiful patterns.

A piece of tie-dyeing cloth needs to go through 16 processes to be completed, and each process is done manually, so every finished product is the embodiment of the spirit of the local craftsmen.

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