Xizhou is an important town inhabited by the Bai people is located 18 kilometers north of the Dali Old Town. From the original Nanzhao King’s Palace to the military fortress, and later the commercial center created by horse- caravan, Xizhou has a profound history and culture.

It has the most preserved and best-built residential buildings of the Bai people and is called” houses on three sides and high walls on one side”, “five patios in the courtyard”. These folk houses are carved beam and painting ridges, overlapping bucket arches, and warped eaves. The colorful decorative arts of the paintings fully reflect the architectural talent and artistic creativity of the Bai people.

Yan and Yang Family Courtyard as the residential museum have been opened to tourists. Besides, the lively Morning Market is a wonderful place to feel the daily life of the Bai who still live in traditional ways, and fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, spices, and local handicrafts are sold here.

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