Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Monastery

The Three Pagodas of Dali (大理三塔), located 2 kilometers north of the old town of Dali, are a group of large-scale buildings during the Nanzhao Kingdom and the Dali Kingdom.

The original Chongsheng Temple (formerly the Royal Temple) was destroyed, only the Three Pagodas have survived for thousands of years. The large tower, also known as the Qianxun Tower, is 69.13 meters high and has 16 levels. It is a typical Tang Dynasty building with the Xi’an Xiaoyan Pagoda. Two small octagonal towers, 42.2 meters high, with ten floors, were built during the period of the Dali Kingdom.

As one of the scenic spots of Dali, the three pagodas can be called Dali landmarks and witness the prevalence of Buddhism locally.

To use two years (from2003 to 2005), a series of temples were gradually built by the local government, restoring the majesty of Chongsheng Temple.

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