Dali Weather

Dali Weather

Best Time to Visit Dali

Dali has a mild climate all year round, there is no obvious distinction among the seasons, you can visit this region at any time of the year. Due to the subtropical highland climate, it’s warm and dry in winter, cool and pleasant in summer. The best time to visit Dali is between March and June, as well as September to November. The weather is beautiful and little rain during those periods, suitable for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Temperatures and precipitation of Dali

Temperatures and precipitation of Dali

To follow daily Dali and Yunnan weather forecasts, you can check the site: yourweather.co.uk

Things to Do in Dali by Season

Spring (February ~ May)

Spring in Dali is still a bit cold, the temperature ranges from 4℃ (39 ℉) to 24℃ (75 ℉). Temperatures differ greatly between day and night, you’d better pack light clothes as well as a coat to keep warm at night.

  • Sanyuejie (三月街)

San Yue Jie (三月街) is the biggest festival of the Bai group in Dali. It begins on the 15th day of the third month of the Chinese calendar and lasts for one week. People gathering and celebrate it, there is a huge market, as well as traditional singing and dancing performances.

  • Hiking Cangshan Mountain

Hiking or taking a cable car to the top of Cangshan Mountain is the best way to enjoy the panorama of Dali. From March to May is the best period, it’s the blooming season of the Azaleas.

Summer (May ~ August)

Summer in Dali is not as hot as in other cities in China, and the temperatures range from 13℃ (55℉) to 26℃ (79℉). Dali is an ideal place to escape the summer heat. It rains mainly in July and August.

  • Learning Tie-dyeing

You can do some indoor activities such as learning to tie-dye. Zhoucheng is known as the “town of tie-dyeing of Bai people”. Zhoucheng is 23 kilometers north of the Dali Ancient Town.

Autumn (September ~ Middle November)

Autumn in Dali is cool and dry, and it’s a bit cold in the morning and evening. It is sunny most of the time, but the temperature will drop sharply when it rains, so a warm coat is necessary.

  • Cycling around Erhai Lake

It’s a suitable season to do some outdoor activities, cycling around Erhai Lake is a good choice.

Winter (Middle November ~ January)

It seldom snows in Dali. Though it’s a bit chilly, compares to northern China and some other wet southern area, it’s still an ideal place for a winter vacation.

  • Feed the seagulls

The seagulls fly to Erhai Lake from Siberia every winter. You can take some bread and feed them.

Weather and Climate of other regions of Yunnan

Find out more about the weather, and the best times to travel to other main Yunnan destinations below.

Trips and Tours Ideas in Dali

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Weishan, Nuodeng and Shaxi, Ancient Tea Horse Road

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Old city of Lijiang

Highlights of North Yunnan

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Stroll around the charming old villages of Dali and Lijiang. Discover the stunning scenery and Tibetan culture of Shangri-La.


Northern Yunnan Tour

15 days | Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, and Shangri-La
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