Xizhou Linden Center Hotel

Address: No.5 Chengbei Village, Xizhou Town, Dali, China

25 kilometers north of Dali Old Town, on the west shore of Erhai Lake, the Linden Center is a boutique hotel with 14 rooms in a mansion with four traditional Bai courtyards.

It was originally built as a private mansion of a local businessman and was bought and converted into a hotel by Henri Brian Linden, an antique dealer and gallery owner from Chicago. For antique lovers, the highlights of the hotel are bonsai, statues, red lanterns, jars, and so on.

Undoubtedly, the rooms are comfortable, clean, and have elegant decorations. Most of the staff are speak English very well. You can do a biking tour to discover the Xizhou Village and the Erhai Lake by bicycle provided freely by the hotel.

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