Nuodeng Fujia Liufang Inn

Address: No.33 Nuodeng Village, Yanghuangde Home Eco-Museum, Yunlong County, Dali, Yunnan, China

Standing on the hillside of Nuodeng Village, the Fujia Liufang Inn is a friendly family inn with three separate courtyards.

Rooms are comfortable and clean, you can have a nice view of the surrounding mountains if your room is upstairs.

The hosts are ham make inheritors, very hospitable, but they don’t speak English for Nuodeng is a small remote village, few people speak English.

We recommended you have diner there, the host cooks good meals by using fresh vegetables from their garden. it is possible to join them to prepare your food.

There is a small family museum on the second flower, you can have a look at the old farm tools and other interesting things.

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