Baoshan, located in the west of Yunnan Province, is 498 kilometers away from Kunming, and the Mekong, Nujiang(Salween), and Longchuan rivers pass through its territory. Baoshan neighbors Lincang, Nujiang, and Dehong within the province, and it bordered Burma in the south and northwest.

Due to its good ecological environment in Baoshan, orchids are very suitable for local cultivation. Therefore, the local people planted orchids and traded orchids to become the ethos, so Baoshan also has the title of “Orchid City.”

ABC’s of Baoshan

Area: 19 600 km2
Average annual temperature: 16 degrees
Geography: In the west of Yunnan Province
Population: 2 431 200 inhabitants (2022) The minority population accounts for 10.9% of the total registered population
Elevation: 1 600 m
Ethnic minorities: Yi, Dai, Bai, Lisu, Bulang
Economy: Tobacco, Coffee, Tea, Mineral Resources
Language: Mandarin, Baoshan Dialect

Baoshan Top Attraction

A Little History of Baoshan

Baoshan, formerly known as Yongchang, was called Ailao earlier. It is a frontier area with extremely early development and profound historical and cultural accumulation on the Chinese territory.

In the middle of the Warring States Period, a unified and prosperous slavery country, Ailao Kingdom, was established here.

In 69 AD, Ailao was annexed to the Han Dynasty and changed to Yongchang Shire.

During the Tang and Song dynasties, Baoshan successively belonged to the Nanzhao State and the Dali Kingdom. It has always played an important role in Chinese history.

As the geographical location of Baoshan is very advantageous, it has been an important post station of the “Southern Silk Road” since ancient times, and now it is the closest land route to South Asia and Southeast Asia in my country.

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