Baoshan Stone Village

Baoshan Stone Village is located in the remote area of Yunnan, one perfect destination off the beaten track for travelers who want to explore the authentic Naxi culture.

Baoshan Stone Village

Baoshan Village, constructed at the beginning of the Mongolian Kingdom, is admired with the most charming and old Naxi villages in North of Lijiang, less crowded yet well-preserved. Settled on a mountainside overlooking the Yangtze River and its valley, we are here to feel at one with nature. Let’s keep away from the bustle of the city and further into the vast wilderness that inspires so much of Naxi culture.

Trips and Tours Ideas in Baoshan and Wumu

Baoshan Village Lijiang

Trekking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge

4 days | Wumu, Baoshan, and Tiger Leaping Gorge
A superb hike in the Tiger Leaping Gorge with stops in two typical and charming villages. A nice break in the most beautiful mountain landscapes of Yunnan.

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Trek of Tiger Leaping Gorge and Mount Kawa Karpo 

15 days | Lijiang, Dali, Shangri-La, and Mount Kawa Karpo
A moderate level hike to discover the beautiful landscapes of the highlands and the most authentic villages of Yunnan.


Trek from Lugu Lake to Mount Kawa Karpo 

15 days | Lijiang, Lugu Lake, Shangri-La, and Mount Kawa Karpo
A high-strength hike to discover the beautiful landscapes of Lijiang and Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.