Yunnan Fauna and Flora

Yunnan Fauna and Flora

Fauna and Flora

Because of its unique geographic layout, Yunnan has exceptional biodiversity and is home to more than 50% of China’s living species.

Among the most unique species, we can cite the little red panda, the Tibetan bear, the golden snub-nosed monkey, the Indochinese tiger, or the Asian elephant with populations still semi-wild in the south. of the province. Many are endemic to the region (list available here on Wikipedia).

The province is known as the paradise of plants and animals. It has more plant species of tropical, subtropical, temperate, and cold origin than any other Chinese province. These are both old local species and species imported from abroad. Among the 30,000 species of Chinese higher plants, 18,000 can be found in Yunnan.

The climate of the Tibetan Plateau in the Shangri-La district, in the north of the province, does not allow the production of fruits or rice, so they are brought from other parts of the province. On the contrary, in the southwest, in the district of Xishuangbanna, the tropical climate is favorable to an important production of coconuts, bananas, and many other tropical fruits. Corn is produced throughout the province. Fields are generally small and cultivation not very mechanized. There are also many sites of rice terraces whose colors change according to the seasons.

The temperate and humid climate of this province allows many mushrooms to grow there, some of which have many medicinal properties. In Kunming, for example, around September, many restaurants offer mushroom fondue specialties, made with different mushrooms from the region.

Spirulina is also widely cultivated there and sold at very good prices in tea and medicinal plants shops.

15 Oct. 2021, COP 15 was held in Kunming to share the diversity of Yunnan with the world, and we share here

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