ABCs of Yunnan

ABCs of Yunnan

Yunnan is a multifaceted region, due to its strategic location, has an important cultural and natural heritage.

Find a lot of general information on Yunnan: history, geography, population, language, religions, culture, art, and the varied gastronomy of the province. A little cultural supplement which, we hope, will help to perfect your knowledge of our region and attract you to discover it personally.

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Recommended Tours in Yunnan

Rice Terraces Yuanyang

Sky Mirror: Yuanyang Rice Terraces Tour

4 days | Kunming, Shilin, Jianshui and Yuanyang
A short trip including the most beautiful and majestic rice terraces of China and lively ethnic markets.

Three Pagodas - XFM

Wonders of Yunnan

16 days | Best seller
A travel plan for travelers who want to explore the most attractive landscapes of Yunnan in one trip.

Jinghong Mekong River Market

Tropical China in Xishuangbanna

6 days | Jinghong, and Jingmai
As a locality of the Dai minority, the rice terraces, tea gardens, primitive forests, and valleys compose the marvelous landscapes of Xishuangbanna.